Are you the real deal or loose cannon?

Show you’re a true wizard instead of repackaging old dumps. Don’t sell fakes

TOP 25 Evil Guyz, Galz and Teamz

  1. Aleksandr0002 3039B
  2. Anonym001 2680B
  3. Anonym002 1653B
  4. Xanix 1640B
  5. Anonym003 1487B
  6. GnosticPlayers 932B
  7. Peace 789B
  8. DoubleFlag 394B
  9. Anonym004 360B
  10. SunTzu583 182B
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And this is how we roll:

  1. We track recent dumps and breaches
  2. When we know the hackers,we increment their score
  3. When we don’t know them,we start from zero
  4. Likewise, we count in the contributing dump reporters*
  5. But our score calculator favorsthe contributors.
  6. In the end, we’re the same deep water as you.
  7. And last but not least, the rating is updated every month.

We validate every new data entry

and assign it an index, on a scale of 0…1, depending on the data uniqueness

For known data entries, the index will be low

For the original data, the index will be close to 1

Why do we give out the rating, you ask?

Everything’s simple - your data benefits everyone concerned.

You get fame, we get (just a little) paper.

Achieve Shiny Hunters’ fame through the first independent rating. Shoot to Shiny Hunters fame with the first true and fair rating

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